Another Facebook User privacy issue comes into picture

Another Facebook User privacy issue comes into picture.

Facebook, famous social networking site is again getting a limelight, obviously because for wrong reasons.  This time company acknowledges sharing of user data since 2007 to the 60 other smartphone maker companies. We got this news from New York times. Companies like Samsung, Apple, Amazon are also included in the list to which user data is being shared by Facebook. FB claims that there is nothing scandalous about it.




Now,one question and the most important one is that comes into everyone’s mind is whether Facebook has taken the permission of sharing the data from the users. Ideally Facebook should have taken the explicit permission for sharing the data to the companies. If any company who has shared the user data with any where be it other company or a person,comes into state of violation of a 2011 consent decree with the Federal Trade Commission.

Till now nothing critical has been reported about the user’s data from these smartphone companies. Apple,has worked with Facebook for years to let its users share things on Facebook through iPhone and Mac apps. Talking about Facebook, the company got so many hates from their users in the past because of Cambridge analytica scandal. Most of the users left fb because of this critical issue.

The report says device makers received users’ own information, such as email addresses, phone numbers and relationship statuses, as well as data from their friends, sometimes without their explicit consent.

In my opinion, every user data is being shared from company to company. Not just Facebook,if we talk about tech giant Google every single info is being shared without explicit consent. In fact, I have already seen the video in which user location is being tracked with out location option is enabled on their Android smartphone and also when the smartphone is in flight mode.

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