EU Regulators fines Google $ 5 Billion for breaking the anti trust laws

EU Regulators fines Google $ 5 Billion for breaking the anti trust laws.

Tech giant, Google has not in Good terms with EU regulators. Today, EU regulators fined Google with $5 Billion for misusing the Android operating system to built their dominance in the market.

The report said that Google is forcing handset makers to install Google apps. Thus, leaving no choice with the customers rather to use them.

EU commission regulators also added that the company has already paid large amount to the handset manufacturers and network providers to exclusively bundle the Google apps in their handsets.

This created the market dominance and small rival companies who create new apps and even operating systems apart from Google’s are in loss because of it.

Previously also,  In 2013, Google’s rival companies like Nokia, Microsoft and Oracle have also complained against the monopoly of the company to the European Commission. Since then European commission has been closely investigating Google for that.

Now, Today Commission has asked the company to stop the illegal  conduct within 90 days. Since European commission has been looking into the matter, in 2014 Google has already being in limelight for illegal payment for app building but that has been ceased.

On this Google is thinking to appeal against the commission’s decision. In an interview with the Popular tech magazine Verge, Google spokesperson told

“Android has created more choice for everyone, not less. A vibrant ecosystem, rapid innovation, and lower prices are classic hallmarks of robust competition. Google will  appeal against it”.

We will just have to wait for 90 days for the matter to be closed

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