Finally, it is revealed that “Shadow Die Twice” is not Bloodborne 2

Finally, it is revealed that “Shadow Die Twice” is not Bloodborne 2.

Recently, Shadow Die twice teaser released.The game is developed by same Japanese company From Software which launched popular ps4 game, Bloodborne 2. There were rumours that it is an sequel to Bloodborne i.e. Bloodborne 2.Now it is confirmed that the game is completely different from Bloodborne and  would be launching for PC, Xbox and Ps4. In other word, game is not exclusive to any of the platform.

Blood borne is an exclusive content of PS and owned by Sony entertainment network. So, Shadow Die Twice can anyways not be the sequel to Bloodborne.  Game would be presented at E3 2018. E3 means Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018. The event would be from 11 June to 13 June 2018 in California.

Game has been already showcased in  The Game Awards 2017.

We got all the news from Reset Era user Omnipotent. Many of gamers know that Bloodborne 2 would be entirely  different game as part 1st of Bloodborne.

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