Friends. I am Siddharth. I am here to share what would be my vision from this blogging website.

Before starting the blogging website, I encountered most of the  problem specially related to technical things.

From this blogging website my primary agenda is to make people aware of the technical news and updates in a

simpler language that the language which is easy to understand. You must have noticed that my blogs are on an

average 250 to 300 words per post. I have got so many feedback from you people to put more and more words per

post otherwise google will  not entertain me. Agenda behind this is to keep short and simple, now-a days including

me people dont have enough time to read the 700 to  1000 words per post.


From this blogging website I just want to make sure that I would be benefiting with all my technical  knowledge to my each and every readers and visitors.