New Gmail Feature can be prone to phishing

New Gmail Feature can be prone to phishing- DHS,Reports

New Gmail was launched by Google in the month of April 2018. The new features includes snooze a message, auto generated smart reply and confidential email option. According to the reports from The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), confidential email option feature is primary security concern now.

Let me tell you how

If you are Gmail user, in the new feature there is an option of “Confidential Email”. By this option gmail users can prevent forwarding, copying, downloading or printing, and set an expiration date of the emails.

A Gmail user needs  to click on the link for that. But problem rises where the gmail user or non gmail user is using third party client to click on the link of confidential email. DHS have a fear of security as scammers can create a fake interface and can get an access to the confidential email of the Gmail users.

DHS has already informed Google about the threat.

The Tech Gaint, Google  has already started creating algorithms for detection of phishing scams which are generally used by cyber criminals.

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