Now Play Counter Strike Global Offensive offline that too for free

Now Play Counter Strike Global Offensive offline that too for free.

Valve, is the American based video game developer, publisher and digital distribution company founded  in 1996. It is also the developer of platform Steam. One of popular game is Counter strike that is also from Valve corporation. In fact everyone has played counter strike version 1.6 in our college days. Believe me, I still remember each and every map of counter strike 1.6. Some of famous maps were inferno, nuke, dust, dust 2, piranasi and many more.

The most popular version of Counter strike is CS- GO edition, which means Counter strike global offensive. The game is six years old and till  now it was paid. Now company has decided to offer it for free. This is very good news for counter strike fans and I think you should waste your time and just download it. Sad part is that it is only available offline. So, players can play it in an offline mode with bots.If you want to play online and you need to pay    $ 14.99.

In my view think that ways, if you can play in Expert mode offline then its would be good practise before playing it with your friends online. You can always purchase the game later on after practise offline with bots.

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