Now shop carefully as, Google has tied up with MasterCard to know your transaction details.

Now shop carefully, as Google has tied up with MasterCard to know your transaction details.


Tech Gaint, Google is leaving no stones unturned  for their Google advertisers. We all know, most of the Google’s profit has been earned from their ads. Now Google has tied up with master card for acquiring its retail details of their customers. The strategy behind this is to get to know where the particular customer is  spending through their master-card. This would be easy for Google to target their customer with their ads. The company’s idea to compete with its competitors like Amazon.

On the other hand, from the customer’s point of view, there is privacy issue that would develop between the Google and the customer. Google can collect any master card’s customer data by this deal, without customer’s consent.This can be critical issue for the company.

In the past Google has suffered heavy penalty for many unauthorised use or breach. In July 2018, Google has been fined of $ 5.05 Billion for breaching anti trust rules over the Android operating system. Last year, the company has been fined $ 2.7 billion for  abusing its search engine dominance to give illegal advantage to its shopping service. There are many more cases like this. Popular social  media website, Facebook has already lost its people’s trust after Cambridge analytica incident.

Both MasterCard and Google, has refused to comment on the tie up. According to Bloomberg, Google has paid hefty amount to MasterCard for the data. But there is solution for  that, customers can opt out from the ad tracking option by using activity confugrition panel.

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