Skype Focuses on Simplifying user’s experience by redesigning its interface

Skype Focuses on Simplifying user’s experience by redesigning its interface.

Recently, I downloaded Skype for video calls and I saw millions of complaints about the app on Google play store. There were complaints like, it exactly looks like snap chat,not good to use, its difficult to use now and many more. In respond to these complaints, Microsoft has completely changed Skype’s interface. This time company has focused on user’s experience rather than functionality and features. The interface is simple  and easy to use now.

According to director of design for Skype and Outlook Peter Skill man, with the previous experiment with Skype, the app remained  just an ordinary messaging app. He told that the application has lost its purpose of video calling due to its complicated interface. He is right in my view, as we all use Skype for video calling purpose. For messaging, we have plenty of apps available now.

Lets talk about the changes in the interface

Talking about the mobile version Skype,the Highlights and Capture features are being removed. Only we have options of Chats, Calls, and Contacts at the bottom of the interface.When we talk about desktop version, on the top left you can find the buttons for calls, chats, contacts and notifications.

This is the smart move from Microsoft as in today’s scenario every one is copying each others interface and as a result its complicated for the users to use the app. We wish the company all the very best and hope people would happy to use Skype again.

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